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Best 7 Things to Do in North Kingstown, RI

Posted on 29 Jan, 2024 at 04:27 pm - by

North Kingstown in Rhode Island is a lovely city with many old constructions like houses, churches, and cultural museums. The city is home to many parks and trails offering a serene escape to all nature lovers. North Kingstown annually hosts many entertaining festivities for tourists to enjoy and have a great experience while featuring a great collection of local businesses. In this blog, we will explore the ideal things to do in North Kingstown. This indulging journey offers plenty of awesome experiences to all travelers and makes this city a perfect location for thrilling ventures.


Exploring the Wickford Village

This historic place dates back to 500 years. The Wickford Village is an ancient village offering a plethora of things to explore for visitors. This place was home to many legendary and important religious meetings. The Wick Ford village has this famous wooden lighthouse as well. If you like strolls across the streets this place is made for you. The venture begins from walking on the charming streets, lined up with lush green trees and old charming wooden houses. The street also has many exceptional shops and stores to buy souvenirs from. Make sure to try the dining scene here. This location is a hub to many exceptional restaurants all offering great and flavorful food to the food lovers.


Exploring Smith's Castle

This museum was constructed in 1678 and is one of the ancient museums in Rhode Island. This museum is situated on the land which was in early times known as Cocumscussoc. The Smith's Castle Museum houses a great collection of old artifacts and information. As you explore this historic location you get to feel and understand the history of this island, in every room, the ancient objects give information about something new. In 1993, the museum officially was made a National Historic Landmark. The most enthralling monument of all the objects in this museum is a picture of women hanging on the staircase.


Casey Farm

The Casey Farm in North Kingstown is located in Saunderstown and was a great originator of food for both local and international markets in the 18th century. This old property has now been converted to a museum which is free of cost and open to everyone. This amazing land is surrounded by greenery and the beauty of Narragansett Bay. Nature lovers can easily relax in this place. You can also get to experience a tour of the cemetery and farmyard. The farmyard has many farm animals and a great variety of freshly harvested fruits.


Biomes Marine Biology Center

This Biomes Marine Biology Center is a great place to experience the beauty of marine wildlife. This place is home to the biggest aquarium on Rhodes Island and hosts many interactive displays and exhibitions. You can witness feeding demonstrations by the trainers or even learn about them in their informative classes. Each tank here has something new to offer to the tourists, the Biomes Center is known for putting its efforts into enlightening the people about the aquatic life of the Atlantic Ocean. Hence, exploring this place is filled with fun ventures and is one of the best things to do in North Kingstown RI.


Frankie's Italian Pizzeria

If you love Italian cuisine and cannot find a good place to eat, then no worries, North Kingstown has you catered. Frankie's Italian Pizzeria is known to serve fresh and authentic Italian cuisine in North Kingstown. With its warm atmosphere and flawless services, it offers a delightful experience to travelers. The freshly made-out of oven pizzas with awesome combos of drinks, indeed make this restaurant a must-try one. The pizzeria also offers seafood, from their famous seared salmon and shrimp scampi, this restaurant caters to all diverse preferences of food lovers.


Seabee Museum and Memorial Park

Seabees were a fighting force comprising women and men who were invited to develop bases or sometimes were called at battlegrounds. The Seabee museum and park were created in their memory and to pay them a great tribute. From 1942 to 1994, thousands of Seabees served in Davis Ville. This place is now marked as the "original home of Seabees" and is one of the ancient sites in Rhode Island. This museum perfectly honors the United States Naval fighters during the times of war. This site is perfect for excursion trips as well, as it provides a learning location for Rhode Island students. The museum preserves a great collection of Seabees, from their displays of original homes to their celebrations of historical participation in WWll.


North Kingstown beach

North Kingstown Beach is a charming place to relax after an exhausting day. Witnessing the beautiful sunset with fresh air greatly elevates your experience. This simple and beautiful beach offers a quiet atmosphere and is framed by trees and grass. It also has a lawn with tables in it, providing a good spot for family-friendly picnics or hangouts. The beach is a great place for kids as well, as the water usually has calm waves.

So, these are some of the best North Kingstown attractions that you must check off your to-do list. Each one of these locations gives remarkable exploits and experiences to the visitors. From the historic allure of Smith's Castle to the great tribute to the Seabees through Seabees Park and museum, every single location makes this metropolis a destination filled with ventures and historical knowledge.

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